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These links should take you to interesting articles. Professor Ehrenberg's articles are well written and short.

A.S.C. Ehrenberg: "The Problem of Numeracy" A six page article that can change your life. Or anyway, change your approach to designing tables and graphs.

A.S.C. Ehrenberg: "Graphs or Tables" pdf available. First published in The Statistician, 1978

Howard Wainer: "How To Display Data Badly" Excellent, succinct article by a celebrity in data presentation. First published in The American Statistician in May 1984.

Jane E Miller: "How to Communicate Statistical Findings". An excellent article written for statisticians but helpful to anyone writing a report/giving a presentation with lots of figures.

Bates College (USA) "Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Making Tables and Figures". General, practical article

Edward W Frees and Robert B Miller: "Designing Effective Graphs" written for actuaries!


For those with an interest in data presentation:

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Edward R. Tufte: 'The Visual Display of Quantitative Information'. The Graphics Press (USA), Cheshire Connecticut, 1993. All of Tufte's books are as beautiful as they are excellent, but this is his best.
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The Non-Designers' Design Book

Robin Williams: 'The Non-Designers' Design Book', Peachpit Press, 1994. Sensible advice on presenting general information in a book designed for the "visual novice".
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Dynamics in Document Design

Schriver, Karen A. 'Dynamics in Document Design', John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1997. This large (592 pages) text book covers the wider issue of presenting text. Very thorough with much food for thought, even for non-typographers.
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BS7581:1992 Guide to the Presentation of Tables & Graphs published by the British Standards Institute. This is a first rate, succinct (24 pages) and lucid document, setting out sound advice simply. However at 140 (US$ 214) per copy [December 2013] the cost is prohibitive. Available from:
[Please feel free to complain about the extortionate price to the British Standards Institute.]

Stephen Few: Information Dashboard Design:A Primer in Data Reduction
The Effective Visual Communication of Data, 2003
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Web Sites:
Edward R. Tufte's site. Professor Tufte's work is explained and promoted here. Also, advice for readers.
Perceptual Edge. Stephen Few is another American leader on data presentation.

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